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Pink Diamonds Australia

A pink diamond is the rarest and most sought after naturally coloured diamond in the world.  Diamonds have long been given as a symbol of love everlasting and now the exclusivity of the Pink Diamond is captivating the hearts of people around the globe and are also catching the attention of astute investors as they have outperformed many other traditional types of investment over the past ten years.

The Argyle diamond mine produces 95% of the world’s pink diamonds.  Australian Pink Diamonds are internationally recognised for their brilliant and varied array of colours.  The Australian Argyle diamond mine is the only major source of Pink Diamonds in the world; even here only one pink diamond is found in every 2.5 million tonnes of ore processed.  Experts believe that the life of the mine will be limited to the year 2018 and there is no other known deposit.

Wise Investors recognise the value of the rare pink diamond and your opportunity to secure one of these stones at an affordable price is limited as less and less are being found each year.  The value of pink diamonds has increased by over 2500% over the last 30 years.  However, as with all investments, it is important to choose the correct stone.  There are many poor quality, heavily included pink diamonds available and they may appear cheap but they are not the investment grade stones that we are talking about in this paragraph.

Our team at P.D.A have over forty years experience and have been recognised with over 20 awards for designing and manufacturing both nationally and internationally in that time.

We are dedicated to providing our clients with exclusive and beautiful pink diamond jewellery combined with honest and professional service, at the most reasonable price.

Give the gift of Love, for now and forever.

All of our Pink Diamond Australia designs are exclusive and limited editions.  This is in part because of the small amount of quality natural pink diamonds available.

Diamonds have for centuries been given as representation of love.  By browsing our collection of beautiful pieces you are entering a world of romance, desire, inspiration and uniqueness.

When owning a pink diamond you will want to present it in a setting that is made to the highest standards.  When selecting a piece of jewellery you should consider the beauty and harmony of the design.  Each piece of jewellery is created by our award winning master jewellers and designers, to compliment the rarity and stunning beauty of the pink diamond.  The designers have a passion for these rare diamonds and we know that you will enjoy your purchase and it will be admired by your friends and treasured for generations.

We will be delighted to custom design your jewellery or advise you on a loose stone.  Either way you join the select few to own a pink diamond.

Included in our pink diamond range we have limited edition pieces crafted from sterling silver and 18ct rose gold settings.  Prices for these pieces range from as little as $250.

Anyone can own a white diamond but few will ever own a Pink Diamond and with the mine predicted to close in 2018, very few people ever will.

The Argyle Pink Diamond is a true, rare investment.

The expertise of our award winning team will help you to own a truly unique and highly prized piece of jewellery to be treasured forever.  Each piece is accompanied with a gem certificate of authenticity so you can be confident in your investment.

We custom make a piece that is individually suited to each rare Pink Diamond and you are encouraged to be as involved in this process as you like.  Our team welcomes your own ideas offering you the opportunity to consult with a designer and present to them anything that may inspire you in your vision for the jewellery you desire.

Many of our white gold designs contain rose gold settings to enhance the diamond giving it an exclusiveness rarely found in other jewellery stores.  Our designers can turn your ideas into reality with any precious stone in any metal; platinum, gold or silver.  Our team would love to custom design a piece especially for you.  Please just ask for an estimate.

Our designers are extremely passionate about all of their creations and we hope you find something that will inspire you to acquire your own.

Stand out from the crowd!


Now that you have decided to own an Australian Pink Diamond, please contact our team who will help you make a successful, informed purchase.

We accept most major credit cards and can ship to most places in the world.

The reasons for buying a diamond are as diverse as the people who buy them.  Whatever your reason we are sure that our professional team can advise you in making a choice that will forever be a cherished one.  Imagine how exciting it will be showing your family and friends your new Pink Diamond jewellery.